Monday, October 11, 2010

The Creativity

The Creativity

            Creativity is needed in every walk of life. Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently says Shiv Kera. I have a six year old kid and I have been telling her bedtime stories since her age of four. Exhausted with stories, I used to imagine and tell her few stories. Sometimes I will make my daughter, aa character in my story.Sometimes she will fix the characters and I have to tell as story accordingly.  She used to ask “ appa oru kathai sollu”. Sometimes she will ask “ Appa, oru Yaanai (elepahant), Oru singham (lion ) oru Peacock erukkura mathiri oru kathaai sollu.At times, I will ask her to tell a story. She also used to tell some stories from her imagination.I was amazed when she told this story. In this story, she made me and my brother as imaginary characters. The story goes as follows.
One day Ramesh and Ganesh, went with their Dad to purchase new dresses for them. Ramesh selected a T-Shirt. Ganesh too liked it and he wanted the same T-Shirt. They started quarrelling, at the shop itself. Their Dad got angry. He said “ You don’t fight here”. Let us purchase this T-Shirt. We will go home and decide who has to own it. So they purchased the T-shirt. After reaching home, the Dad said “I too like this T-shirt. So better I will take this”.
I was surprised by the way she ended the story. This is the yet another story told by her. Many won’t believe this as a story told by a six year old. But that’s what the truth is. And that’s what Media is doing to our children.
Once there lived a girl called Marina. Here mother used to call her Marina rosy since she was pink in colour when she was born. One day Marina was walking down the streets, when Ramesh (myself) came to her and kissed her and said “ I Love you”. Marina got angry. She hit him with her hand bag and said I don’t like you. Get off from me. The next day also when Marina was coming down the streets Ramesh gave her a bouquet and said “ I love you”. She stamped over the flowers and said “ I don’t like you and walked away smiling. Ramesh started weeping. When he reached home his mom asked “ why are you crying” and Ramesh said her what happened. Ramesh Mom scolded him and said “ I sent you to college for studying. You started loving girl at this age? Go and see that you study well. Then onwards Ramesh started studying well.
Being the only child, I am careful that she should not feel the loneliness. My girl is more attached to her mother than me. My wife is too possessive and worries more about her.
Schools are better nowadays and give space for creativity to children. The art and drawing works enhance their creativity. Children are more exposed to media than we are. We have to agree that they will be more intelligent than us. We cannot control them much. Hence we have to teach them moral values from child hood. Definitely their world will be much competitive and according to Darwins theory of survival of the fittest, they will be forced to do something immoral. Its our duty to create a better generation. Spend quality time with your children. Don’t push them too hard to study. Identify their skills and interest. Sharpen them. Teach them what is right and what is wrong, whenever you get a possibility. Keep them happy.
Let us do something to create a better tomorrow. A better future. This what our children need.
The innocent smile of a child does much good to our heart, than anything else. Don’t block their creativity. And that is the important skill needed to be a winner.

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