Wednesday, January 12, 2011


India is known for its culture. The westerners view that Indians give much importance to values and culture. We Indians, speak of moral, values, rules and regulations with respect to one’s personal and spiritual growth. We expect our society to remain a moral society. Society has framed its moral values, which I believe would have come from collective consciousness. And the point is does the individual reveals his true consciousness to the society? Definitely not.
            The reality of men is not in what he reveals to you
            But in what he cannot reveal to you
            So, in order to understand him
            Listen not to the words he speaks
            But to the word’s he doesn’t speak – Says Kahlil Gibran
It is very hard to find people who speak openly. The existence has become so difficult, that people increasingly become covert and immoral. Compared to others in my organization, I used to express my feelings openly, which I used to do in best of interest of the organization. But it was taken that I am speaking against the Organisation. Most people know what is right and what is good for the organization. The problem is they don’t want to lose their promotion opportunity taken by the organization.
Gandhi was one of the renowned politicians in the world. He was seen as a symbol of truth, non violence and the noblest person the world has ever seen since he resorted to a different path to get freedom for its country. Suppose what would have happened if Gandhi has taken the violent route. Would he have become so popular? Would he have first of all survived long enough to be shot dead by Godse? Gandhi knows what will happen to his life if he has taken the violent root. The enemy is so strong that he would have provided ample opportunity to him, to cut short his life. Gandhi wanted to live. Gandhi at the same time wished to have fame and power. He was wise enough to use the moral values that have been taught from generations as his tool.
W hat happened after Independence? India waged war against Pakistan and Bangladesh. We continue to use force to stop any communal riots, revolutionary movements and anything that will cause problem to INDIA’s secularity and unity. What will happen if we resort to non violence? What would have happened if we all Indians go on a hunger strike, instead of waging war when Pakistanis invaded Kargil? Violence is remaining as a hidden culture and will continue to remain so as long as we support non violence in open.
 I agree that violence is not a solution to all problems. Similarly non violence is not a solution to all problems and each need a different approach based on its nature. Sometimes the problem may evade in due course without any action at all.  Some problem may need a combination of these approaches. Ultimately it should give a good result and the act should allow only good to survive.
We have been preached of this moral values and we Indians boast that we are more cultured. But what happens in reality. We say that for Indian women ‘Virginity” is a sacred thing and one woman and one man is our culture. Seetha is the brand ambassador for virginity in our country. But what’s happening in reality. Since sex was treated as bad virtue, it remained as a hidden lust which is now out bursting. Increase in immoral (it may be illegal, but I have doubts whether it is immoral) relationship is growing. For Foreigners, kissing in public is a common sight in my native town Pondicherry. We Indians used to look at it and laugh secretively. Some even used to close their eyes saying “how dare they do this is public”.  Of course we stop with this and do not proceed further since we know that its part of their culture. But what if a tamil newly wed couples do this in open near Gandhi statue in Pondicherry beach? No doubt every body will curse them and speak for few days, about how our culture is changing, how it is getting ruined by western influence and so on.
And Indian woman are the most pitiable creatures. When actresses Kushboo expressed her views on virginity court cases were filed against her. No body cared to look deeper into the issue behind it. Its also a common scenario to gossip about a woman if she keeps talking with another man, other than her husband. True relation ships are never valued. So the woman prefers to keep it a secret.
Women are not equal to men, physiologically and psychologically (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus). However should have equal rights to leave. Every living thing in this world has the right to live by the law of nature.(Man is probably the only creature, who changes his environment to suit his needs). In India the virtue of virginity is preached only for women. When a man and woman have a out of marriage relationship, it’s the woman who gets more affected. So women of India started devising their own ways to protect against this disparity.  When we do a psychological analysis it will not be the quest for sex, but for security, that has led many women in India to seek for another support. We by way of moral guidelines, make the women feel more insecure.
I wonder how everything in our world is spinning around false hood. The revelations by wikileaks show the covertness of the American’s. The revelations in the 2G spectrum scam, exposed the link between corporate sector and government. This just got exposed. The link is more than we believe and than it was exposed and it exists from the days of independence and even before independence. I see the history of Congress, the early members are the most affluent in the society. Not only Congress, all the party’s have good nexus with the politicians and the policys of the government definitely has the influence of corporate in the country. The multinational company’s of foreign origin got added to this list after our economic liberalization policy, which is again forced by lobbying at international level. When we look at Tamilnadu, we can see that how moral values, sense of attachment to tamil and casteism, religion etc. were carefully used by a family in the name of development. And we know who has developed.
There is no voice from a common man against the world’s greatest scam. And worse, even after solid proof “Raja” is claimed to be innocent. And Suresh Kalmadi maintains that he too is innocent. When we look back, there is no proof of any solid action being taken against such corrupt politicians. It will remain in the headlines until new news takes over. And our politicians were well aware of our memory capacity. What these people who grow up use. Just the moral believes we have and they wear a mask that they are the guardian’s of such moral values. We know, at times that, that they are wearing a mask. Yet we believe them or act as believing them owing to our own weaknesses. Basically we lack courage. A politician is no different from us, on moral grounds. Only that he has more opportunity. WE know that very well and hence we raise no voice or our voices are superfluous. The voices raised by opponent political parties of course have vested interest.
How could this world continue to run on false hood? Will any change come? Is a revolution possible? Who or what incidence will remain as a cause of such revolution? Can the world live on truth?  
Probably truth won’t triumph. Our mind is lured by lies and not by truth. We get attracted to ideal that will never be realistic, as it was novel. A woman who spends hours in her make up room, adding the color and texture to her skin, smelling with artificial perfumes and clothed with expensive and revealing clothes is considered beautiful. On the other hand natural beauty is not recognized. Plastic flowers and plants which are costlier than natural ones finds it place in corporate offices. True work is not recognized while show-offs are wondered.  Similarly hard working people are not recognized, but people who has capacity to project their work are recognized. The wicked founds easy to obtain power and ministerial post than the honest and hence the whole political system gets corrupted. Free Televisions, free gas, one rupee rice etc. lures us and nobody realizes that its going to cost them more, since there is no free lunch. As Eraianbu I.A.S says truth never speaks louder. Only the falsehood keeps shouting. We know what truth is and what a lie is. Yet we pretend. We are comfortable with it since we are also hypocrites. What explanation other than this can substantiate our actions? 

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