Saturday, June 18, 2011

Money and Power

When Anna Hazare went on fast for the first time, the entire country stood behind him. It’s like  every good Indians dream coming true.  When Baba Ramdev, too joined the show and now it got politicized by BJP, the real intention was drawn to back foot. Baba Ramdev is merely seeking for name and fame and ofcourse some more money to his trust through this show. From his false claims that he has cure for AIDs and that he has a magic formula which can make women to deliver only male child, we can decipher easily that he will go to any extent to create a name for itself.
Politicians cannot run a party without money. Politics has become a business which pays high dividends. Invest more and get still more returns at the cost of the country and its people. This rule applies to all the major parties. Without having the financial capability, which gives them an opportunity to control the media and businesses in the country, no party can withstand for longer time. They will simply vanish. Even Gandhiji knows that he cannot run the congress party without money. So whenever he was asked to address a gathering he will demand a good amount for his ashram or the party. One day when he was on his way to deliver a speech, a group of villagers stopped him and asked him to give a speech in their village. Gandhi replied “ No problem. I can speak. But how much money you can contribute for the welfare of the people to the party’. Even in the age where there is not such a media influence that is prevailing now, Gandhi was able to drive the spirit of freedom into the hearts of millions of people. There are women who donated the gold jewels they were wearing, for the cause. They used to remove the golden bangles and chain and hand over it to Gandhi and feel proud of themselves to be associated with the freedom struggle. Gandhi was after money. This fact cannot be denied. If the party was deprived of money, probably the Congress party would have vanished long ago.
Whether it is Congress, BJP, DMK, ADMK the rule is the same- build money to build the party which inturns builds money personally to you and the one who are close to you. Baba Ramdev too spent crores of rupees to stage a drama, to be in the limelight. If you and I announce “a fast unto death” can we get the same media attention. We will be just ignored. But say you have crores of money and spend few crores for this event including the mass media you will be in limelight.
Any honest action done by the honest person goes in vain, because of People like Baba Ramdev. In fact he has given an edge to Congress . The congress which suffered due to Anna Hazare’s, fast now has some points in favor of it.  The more than 1000 crore worth Baba Ramdevs assets, the controversy linked to medicines prepared by his trust, his stage yoga gimmicks, his disguise as a woman and last but not the least  his cry that he was sabotaged to be killed shows that he is not a person to be believed.
Even Anna Hazare switching stands and his support to Baba Ramdev is of concern. If Hazare is true, he should have exposed Baba ramdev.
Now those who raised a voice for LOKPAL bill has given congress a chance and opportunity not to implement it.
The aim that LOKPAL bill must be put into force cannot be denied. But the blackmail and threats, stunts to get name and fame out of this issue should be criticized. Baba Ramdev has not rights to speak about black money. Nobody can turn from rages to riches, that too as a billionaire in a short span of time, without indulging in malpractice.  
Baba Ramdev is nothing but a yet another politician, who has used the issue of corruption and black money to be in limelight again in the media.
Money and Power are too dangerous, when they are in the hands of bad people. Unfortunately in our country it is mostly in the hands of bad people.  Is this due to survival of the fittest phenomenon? Is the world a place fit for living this merciless, ruthful, unlawful and arrogant people? I have seen many incidences where dharma gets overruled by money and power. The good ultimately is put to suffering. Adaption is the core principle behind survival. If you want to survive, either adapt to this ruthless people (being wise than being good) or you yourself become ruthless. The wonder of wonder is such ruthless people speak about dharma.Whether dharma is still needed to survive in this world ?  

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