Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Edging God Out (EGO)-2

I narrate a incidence which happened during my college years. I was Studying B.Sc (agri), then. Of the 50 students in the class, only 14 were girls. Of the 14, 9 were Keralites, most of them very beautiful. Naturally there was a fight among the boys to win the friendship of the girls, especially Keralites. Of the many love stories, only one ended in marriage. That too the boy loved one girl previously and switched over to another girl and they both got married. Hope they are living a happy life.

In the third year, enmity broke between two groups (which started because of a gal) and they started fighting with each other often. One time one group took cricket bats and started attacking another group. Our hostel was of dormitory type. But nothing serious happened. Then we entered into fourth year. Fourth year students will become the member of cultural club and again fight began between two group, for the post of Club secretary and Sports secretary. The fight was so intense for sports secretary that the college management decided to split it into two posts –Sports secretary and Games secretary and each one of the groups were afforded with a post. There were bad and selfish elements in both the groups only few of them, because of whom the problem went on increasing. When we entered the fourth year, selection of Class Representative for the Final Year was also to be made. Both groups decided that the person should be neutral.

There were only 6 persons who were neutral and I was one among them. Since I had a good name both the groups wished that I should become the Class Representative. I agreed without any hesitation. Though I never was in any leadership position I accepted the task for the good of the class. But soon the problem began,

What ever decision taken, one group will support and other will oppose vehemently. Then came a College function to welcome the Juniors. Usually th Club will Organize such events. But one group said that, we will not support the function If Club plays a role in it and that Only the Class representative should handle it. It was later agreed my both the groups. I arranged for the function with the support of few volunteers. But on the stage, while speaking, the principal praised the Club for organizing the function. Even I got annoyed by the background works done by one group. The other group, which did not want the Club to conduct the function, also became angry over me.

Every move I made ended in a failure. The efforts made by me to bring them together did not materialize till we left the college.

I could not forget the incident that happened during the last days at the college. The principal asked the entire class to assemble for a group Photo, which is a usual practice to remember the students who are about to leave. Everyone gathered in the crowd except one group of persons. They of course did this as a protest against another group

I could not stand what was happening and broke into tears.

Later when we are about to depart many came and asked sorry for the incident. Even in the autographs they have asked sorry to me.

But the wound caused was very deep and I am still carrying it. 

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