Thursday, February 17, 2011


There is a famous school in Madurai which charges Rs35000/ for admission to Pre KG. The school is believed by outsiders for its discipline and coaching. Kids of higher income group, only gets admission into this school. The  teachers there were warned frequently by their Management, not to beat the Kids  but just warn them for their misdeeds. The management also used to say that, if any such incident happens and a problem occurs, the management will not come for rescue and the teachers has to see their way out of the problem. The management also advices the teachers to keep their hands behind while scolding the children.

It happened one day that one of the Kids in the K.G class came to the teacher and Said “ Mam, Tharun ( name changed) is Planning to Kill you Man”. The teacher got shocked and enquired what happened. The teacher had just then scolded Tharan for some misbehaviour in the class. Annoyed by this the boy got angry. It seems that he called his fellow collegues and said that “ Let us tie our Mam and cut her into pieces with Knife”. Then we can all run away and escape.

How could such extreme violence come into the heart of 5 year old kid?  Who is responsible for this? His parents, the society, the media, or any other factor? The media and the society has to take the blame. The media continuously broadcasted the killing of a Kid by Mr.Poovarasi, who was cheated by the kids dad. Similar such happenings are telecasted repeatedly? Another kid – a girl child has asked her friend “ What dress your mom and Dad wore for Valentines day?”

Kids today are very sharp. They are exposed to hall the happenings in the society through the media. My kid who is also just 6 years old replied to me when I was just speaking about A.Raja’s arrest and that why no action was taken against Karunanidhi? She replied “ You know why Dad? That’s because he is a Minister. Poor girl doen’t know that Raja too was a Minister. But how come she came to Know that Ministers where beyond Justice in India? Yet another day my kid gave me a explanation about what the symbol “heart’ means. She said that “ two hearts are restless” in love. When I asked how do you know she replied that “ I saw that in a cartoon.

So be careful with your Kids. Guide them properly. Have a watch on the programs they see in Television. Never watch violent movies or grave murders that's shown in news, in their presence, Better you switch off the TV or block the  channels that may harm your Childs psyche. 

Todays Kids know terminologies like Pen drive, face book, CD, DVD, mobile phone, SMS, email etc etc which came to existances only in last two decades. But they do not know about the native culture, traditional foods and traditional games. Also they are turning more selfish, by seeing the persons around them. They start feeling jealous even at the age of five and express that openly. My girl once said “ My classmate is beautiful than me, but I did not feel jealous about her” which indirectly says that she is jealous.

Frankly I  spend lot of time with her, tell her good moral stories and fairy tales almost everyday. She is fond of listening to stories. She once conducted a quiz program of her own ( inspired by a TV show)

1.    How many wives my grand pa has
a.    One
b.    Two
c.     Three
2.    What color is the hair in grand pa’s head
a.    Black
b.    White
c.     He is bald

These are two sample questions she asked me. The other questions were less interesting or with less hum our than the above

Well. The teacher in that school said to her colleagues “ This Kids are planning to Kill me” yet I should keep my hands behind to avoid problem. How to manage such Kids? Anyone please guide us.

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