Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great men think great

This is an incident which happened when I went to market a Insurance product. The person we met is a Millionaire. I went along with my senior to meet him. We got a prior appointment over phone, during which he said that he will meet us in his house. Though I have been to his office many times, this was the first time I am going to his house, in which he has invested more than a crore. A very posh house really. When we went inside the house, there was a room, at the entrance in which he used to do his business dealings.  As we went inside I was surprised to see him in his casual out looks. More over, he was having his breakfast (Idli). He asked us to excuse him and he carried the empty plate by himself and left the room. Then he came back wiping his hands.

We have already briefed him the purpose of our visit. We had a target in our mind, getting not less than Rs1,00,000/- premium from him. Before sitting in his chair he opened the near by locker and pulled out some documents. Then he spread them in front of us.

He said “these are the different policy documents in my name, my spouse name and my son’s name . We each have a policy of more thaan two crores” I think its already sufficient. What you want me to  do?

What a way to say no

We said that taking a policy for an additional one crore is not at all a matter for him and that it will in turn only be useful for him

We were about to hand over him a delivery order for 1000 tonnes of urea (urea was in great demand at that him), neglecting the request of other small dealers. That was the right time for us to press him for policy and we know we won’t get such an opportunity again.

Suddenly he came up with an Idea that he will take a policy in the name of her son’ s  wife ( his daughter in law) who just got married last month. The idea was good to us, but we had a constraint.  For making a investment of Rs100000, the policy holder should be a income earner and his daughter in law is just a house wife.

The man opposite to us just laughed and said. I will give an employment to her. Any way I have to transfer some of my earnings in her name. Saying this he asked us to come next week.

The man keeps his promises. So we agreed and came back to him next week. Her daughter in law was appointed in one of his business units as Managing Director by the time. So we completed the formalities and made the policy.

We understood why he could earn good income and run his business with success. He has a very sharp mind, he leads a simple life and respects people. Though business is always in his mind, he never misses an opportunity to treat people in right way.

His daughter in law must also have got pleased with the responsibility given

Great men think great


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