Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where is my Wife?

I am reproducing what I read in a tamil blog as a real life incident.

Our blogger was fast asleep one night when he got a call to his mobile past midnight.

The blogger said “Hello”

The Caller replied “Hello. And he asked “Where is my wife?”

What? Your wife! Our blogger lost his sleep and got up and sat up What ? Why are you asking me your wife?

The Caller said “I know you are having my wife. Give her back to me”

You might have dialed a wrong number. Saying this Our blogger cuts the call

Again the call comes.

The Blogger says “hello”

The Caller says now in angry tone “Give back my wife or I will find you and Kill You”

The blogger in turn gets angry and says “You might me dialing the wrong number. Say the number you have dialed.

The caller says exactly his number

The blogger gets confused and ask “by the by who said I am having your wife”

The Caller replied “You are having my Wife’s phone number with you. Then my Wife must also be with you”

The blogger gets a relief. He just got a new number 10 days back. Probably this number might have been used by the Callers wife.

He laughs and Says “I just got this number 10 days back, look for your wife somewhere else”

The Caller replies “Don’t Bluff. I know she is with you.

The blogger gets angry and switches off his phone.

Again he switch on his phone by 6.30 am

The first call was “Where is my wife, tell me and no more playing with me”

This time our Blogger thought its enough talking in tamil. Let me reply him in English and says “How many times I have to say? Don’ t  disturb me again. Your wife is not with me. Do you understand?”

The Caller now Exclaims “Ahh! What I doubted is true. My wife has run away with an English Man”

The Blogger replies “You   Idiot I am not a English Man and Cuts his Phone.

Again the Phone rang and the Caller this time spoke in a soft Voice and Said “See, we not have problem over this issue. Let’s come to a Understanding. You can have my wife. But please give back that Mobile phone. It’s a costlier one and my favorite. I cannot afford one like that again

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