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The Chattisgarh Mukthi Morcha’s Shaheed Hospital is owned and operated by a community based NGO called RUPANTAR. Binayak Sen and his wife Ilina sen committed themselves to serve the tribal poor, by meeting their health care needs. In India, Doctors used to confine around urban area, promote their own profit oriented hospitals, run pharmacies and enjoy the sophistication the urban life provides. There are only few handful of Doctors who work with service mind and Binayak Sen was one among them. He could not remain satisfied with the medical service. He saw that tribal people got affected in the name of development, which forced their migration. The naxalites too had the same philosophy, but they resorted to violent means to recover tribal rights. In a interview given in 2009, Binayak Sen stated that he never supported Naxalites, doesn’t approve their violent methods and has spoken against them several times. But he was equally against Salwa Judam ( peace march), a movement that was functioning against Naxalite with the support of Government. Sen believed that Salwa Judam created a rift between tribal’s and split them. His concern for human rights made him to become National Vice-President of the People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) and General Secretary of its Chhattisgarh unit. The organization brought out many human right violations done by Salwa Judam in the name of anti-naxalite operations. PUCl claims that Salwa Judam is a Government driven initiative interestingly supported by all political parties and backed by corporate which had vested interest. The National Human Right’s Commission however maintains that Salwa Judam is a ‘spontaneous reaction by the tribals to defend themselves against the "reign of terror unleashed by the Naxalites." It also says that the allegations against Salwa Judam were either exaggeration or distortion of facts. We don’t know what the truth is. But the fact is both Salwa Judam and Naxalites resorted to violent means, one with the government support and other against the government. Trapped in this selfish war were the innocent civilians. In such wars, killing of innocent civilians, looting of properties and rape of women is common- a kind of war psychology. The persons forget the real intention and usually show their brute force and hidden hunger. It happened during the fight between Indian Peace Keeping force and LTTE, it happened during the operation to catch sandal hood smuggler Veerapan and there are many other international history’s to prove this. The fact that innocent people get affected cannot be ruled out and Binayak Sen was against this.
Since the government openly supported Salwa Judam and also employed Special Police Officer’s in tribal areas to curb the Naxalite activity, they had a advantage that they won’t be penalized for the activity. Probably that and the concern for preserving the tribal welfare would have made Binayak Sen, bend his mind towards Naxalite’s. Binayak Sen cannot fight the atrocities on his own. It does not mean that he took a violent route. He wished the tribal rights to be safe guarded and he would have even convinced the naxals to follow his path.
Binayak Sen was doing his duty on the path shown by  Bhagawad Gita.

The formation of Special Police force is condemned even by the Supreme court. The Government trained 4000 and odd tribal youth, paid them Rs1500/month as honorarium and also gave.303 rifles. Money and power in the hands of tribal youths to overcome Naxalites is lauded as a good strategy and even BJP went ahead stating that it will employ Chattisgarh model in other states to counter Naxalite. Even our defense minister in in favor of Special Police officers and praised their efforts and said that they will be employed wherever necessary as a counter- terrorism measure.
In April 2008, a Supreme Court bench directed the state Government to refrain from allegedly supporting and encouraging the Salwa Judum: "It is a question of law and order. You cannot give arms to somebody (a civilian) and allow him to kill. You will be an abettor of the offence under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code."; the state government had earlier denied, Salwa Judum being a state-sponsored movement, later it directed the state government to take up the remedial measures suggested in the NHRC earlier report. The Human Rights Commission alleged that Security forces collaborated with Salwa Judum in their fight against the Maoists.
In December 2008, replying to a petition filed in the Supreme Court, the state government acknowledged that Salwa Judum and security forces had burnt houses and looted property but the allegations against Salwa Judum of killings were not found to be true by National Human Rights Commission.
Even the Supreme court is against the formation of Special Police force which supported Salwa Judam. In fact it is government induced terrorism against terrorism.
Binayak Sen was arrested on 14th May,2007 on charges that he acted as a communicator between Narayan Sanyal, 74 year old Naxal leader who in Jail and business man Piyush Guha, who have links with Naxals. Binayak Sen had met Narayan 33 times, only with the permission of the authorities.  A few letter, electronic evidences from Sen’s computer, few booklets and fabricated witnesses (83 of which 61 testified in the court) were enough for the Raipur court to give him life time sentence. On 20th December,2010, the Raipur Session Court found Binayak Sen, Narayan Sanyal and Piyush Guha to be Guilty under Chattisgarh Special Public Security act, 2005 and Unlawful Activities Prevention act, 1967. All the three were sentenced to lifetime imprisonment.
Between 14th May, 2007 and 20th Dec,2010 Binayak Sen was in prison till 25th May, 2009, during which he came out on bail granted by Supreme Court. His bail was revoked immediately after 20th Dec, 2010 and he was confined again in jail. The sessions court in Raipur denied him bail twice on 15th May, 2007 and on 25th May, 2007. In Dec, 2007 the Supreme court also rejected his bail plea on grounds that he may tamper with evidence and witnesses. Apart from this there is no valid evidence to reject bail since Binayak Sen himself turned to police, when he got news that the police where on look out for him.  Binayak Sen is also a heart patient. On 25th March,2009 he was diagnosed to have Coronory heart disease and referred him for angiogram followed by angioplasty or by-pass surgery in Vellore, CMC. (Binayak Sen studied his medical degree in Vellore,CMC . He was awareded with Paul Harrison award by CMC for his life time service to rural poor and Binayak Sen preferred to be treated there.)
Bail for Binayak Sen was rejected with vested interest. However criminals, politicians who loot peoples money and murderers escape from clutches of law very easily. On 29th Dec,2010, the CBI let free the murderer of 14 year old Aarushi ( and her domestic help) for lack of evidence. Her father Rajesh Talwar, a dentist was accussed of honour killing her. On 30th Dec,2010, there was a news that no FIR being filed against the BSP MLA  Purshothattam Narayan Trivedi, who was accused of raping a minor girl. Worse, when the hapless girl approached the police the girl was arrested on charges that she stole MLA’s licensed rifle and Rs.2.00 lakh. Above all there is the world famous king of scams who has amazed wealth to crores with the blessings of the cunning Karunanidhi.
Reported to be the world’s greatest scam, which apart from incurring a country to a huge loss of more than Rs1.70 lakh crores, brought a national shame. One foreign newspaper also ridiculed that Corruption is the biggest business in India and I have no doubt about that. What happened to this King A.Raja? He was sticking to the post of Minister for Telecommunications, undaunted by the allegations and proofs emerging one after another. He maintained that he never did wrong and tried to pull the prime minister into it. For a man to do such a big fraud what is needed? A heart which never cares for the nation, and a heart which cares only, for the self-growth and the growth of his kith and kin. And he is intelligent. He knows nothing can bring him to justice. The power the politics and corporate have is so great that, they will come for his rescue.
Lets compare the evidences that exists against Binayak Sen and Raja
Evidence against Binayak Sen
Evidence against Raja
A post card dated 3 June 2006 written to Binayak Sen by Narayan Sanyal (while lodged at the Raipur Central Jail), regarding his health as well as legal case, which is duly signed by the Jail authorities carrying the Seal of the Jail Authorities
Spectrum was rare national asset, should have been auctioned. Email ID of Swan Telecom shown as that of a Reliance ADA group official.  Spectrum allocated beyond contracted quantity to 9 firms including Bharti, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Reliance, Aircel

A Yellow coloured booklet "On The Unity Between CPI (Peoples' War) and Maoist Communist Centre" in Hindi
The CAG report which says allocation led to a loss of Rs1.76 lakh crores, as it was allocated taking into account 2001 price
A Letter written by Madanlal Banjare (a member of the CPI- Maoist) from Jail addressed to "Priya Comrade Binayak Sen".
Cut-off date for license letters advanced arbitrarily by a week

A photocopied article in English entitled: "Naxal Movement, Tribals and Women's Movement
2G spectrum allocated to new players at throwaway prices
A hand written photocopied note of 4 pages on "How to build an Anti-US Imperialist Front."

Nexus between Green house promotors, Equaas Estates and Kovai Shelters and their huge growth in real estate business in very short period
61 witnesses “produced” by the government
Niira Radia tapes which shows the nexus between Raja, Corporates and Politicians

Rajas Overseas links and link with hawala dealers. Rajas Personal diary

Nexus with DR.Shanmugasundaram a Malaysian business man and auditor who got TATAs land at a dead cheap price

Donations given to Tamil maiyam by real estate agencies owned by Raja’s benami’s
 Newspapers state that Raja was given enough time to tamper with evidence. But the truth stands nakedly in front of us. What that is so far reported and found is sufficient. And if the Court of law       

And we can compare the academic credentials of Binayak Sen and Raja
Binayak Sens achievements
A.Raja’s achievement
A Doctor by profession who served for the welfare of  tribal poor
A lawyer by profession. A Dalit by Caste
Human right activist
Attracted to Dravidian philosophy of Periyar and later to the political party
Paul Harrison award for lifetime work towards rural poor by CMC, Vellore

R.R. Keithan Gold Medal by The Indian Academy of Social Sciences (ISSA) on 31 December 2007
Minister for Environment and Forests
Sen was selected for the Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health and Human Rights in 2008
Telecom Minister
Never amassed wealth
Owner of many binami real estate companys and other businesses
Mr.Raja was not arrested when I started writing this blog.  The arrest was made finally, as said rightly by Mrs.Jayalalitha to hoodwink the public. Raja alone was not the sole brain behind this. The news that the amount went to Kalaigar TV, owned by the family of Mr.Karunanidhi  is not a surprise. The money trail to the culprits were very well disguised and it will be difficult for the CBI to prove in court.
In India Politicians lives a life, of luxury even when they come out of politics. Even if some of them gets caught in scams, they soon escape and lead their after life with money that will last for generations.
In Politics there is only one rule. Kill your own fellowmen/state/country or at least your constituency for your personal benefits. Cunningness and treachery are the most wanted skills to become a politician. One who out beats others in this art, comes to power.

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