Monday, February 21, 2011

Feel the goodness of life

I was traveling in my car alone last week and I was hardly few kilometers away from my house, that one of my car front wheels got punctured. I was forced to stop on the roadside.

I do not know how to change the tyre using the Jockey. I made a call to the service station and they said that the service vehicle was away and it will take more than an hour to attend the problem. While I was waiting one of my neighbor crossed by and he stopped and said that he will inform any vulcanizing shop near by. He again phoned me and said that he has informed and they will be there soon. I phoned the service station and said that I got help near by and there is no need for them to come.

While I was waiting a guy came by bicycle and I thought he was coming from the Vulcanizing shop.

He stopped and said me “ Sir, I saw your car parked when I went this way and I am seeing it again while I am coming back. What’s the problem with the Car

I replied “the front wheel got Punctured”

He asked “ do you have a spare one and Jockey in your car”

I said “Yes, but I don’t know how to change the tyre”

He said “I will help you”

Saying this he took the spare wheel and jockey from the car. He looked below the car to place the Jockey and got confused, since he has not changed wheel for a Maruthi 800. He said to me that he used to change Tata Sumo’s wheel. While he was struggling another guy came in a motor cycle and stopped and asked what’s the problem. This guy said about the problem of placing the Jockey. The other guy got from the motor cycle and placed the jockey in a particular place and lifted. Then he proceeded on his way

I asked “ Whether the guy in motor cycle was known to you”

He said “No” and started changing the wheel.

When I enquired about him he said He is Mr.Kasirajan and doing fish culture in the nearby Village called Milakarani. He said he is just 19 years old and his dad is doing real estate. His dads friend gave him the idea of doing fish culture. He got Rs 5 lakhs from his dad, leased three acres of land and in one acre he is ding fish culture with technical guidance from his Dads friend. His outfits were very simple he was just wearing a Lungi and a shirt. It was hot sun (12.00 noon) and he lied in road and did the wheel change.

When everything was over, I asked him whether he needs any money, but he refused. He asked me for water. Unfortunately I didn’t have any water bottle in my car. So I asked him whether he prefers to have a tea and he agreed. We went to a nearby shop where we drank Fanta, instead of Tea. He also bought a Cigarette ( I don’t smoke).

While in the shop I got his contact number and thanked him for the timely help.

On 18.02.2011, almost after a fortnight I called him by 6 pm and spoke with him. He got surprised and he asked me to come to his farm, to fetch some fish, as they are right now fishing and the fishes will be transported by 10 pm. I said “I will come some other day”.

I am planning to visit it farm soon, may be this Sunday.

Well, the help came to me in unexpected form. There is still some goodness prevailing in this world.

Moral of the Incident

1.    Learn to do small works by yourself while traveling in Car. Otherwise you will get stranded.
2.    God helps you in unexpected form, during troubles.
3.    There is still goodness prevailing in this world
4.    Don’t judge a person by his looks
5.    Money cannot buy help and support when you are stranded. 


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